bsi Consulting

enterprise redefined

ISO 9001:2008 

Certificate no: 22498

bsi Consulting is a dynamic business consulting firm that continuously assists its clients in improving performance beyond benchmarks. bsi Consulting is established to provide world-class business solutions that are valued by our customers, acknowledged by competitors for our functional and technical expertise and respected by our partners for the professional excellence and adherence to highest ethical standards.

bsi Consulting was founded in 2010, by three industry veterans from strong professional and educational background.

Our unique bundle of Consulting Expertise reinforced by Research Excellence enables organizations find efficient and effective solutions to their operational and strategic challenges

The team of Principal Consultants put together have more than half a century of work experience as senior management professionals in the country’s renowned corporates in different fields with proven track records.

bsi Consulting has a select list of clients for whom they have successfully executed infrastructure, distribution and strategic analysis related assignments.

bsi Consulting advises organisations of different stature - large corporates as well as SMEs.



Our approach

Our approach is founded on a series of strongly shared beliefs. We bring the following to our client engagements:


Philosophy of evidence, not opinion: The correct solution is dynamic and requires up-to-date data. Previous experience leads to the starting point, but the correct solution is always deduced from facts and figures.


Thorough analysis: The team ensures that consulting advice is founded on a high level of analytical capability.


Bias towards action: We consider strategic, operational, organizational and technological issues, even when the problem appears to be concentrated on only one of these axes. We view all assignments across differing time frames i.e. what can be solved immediately, in the short-medium term and long term. We have a strong bias towards action, following speedy analysis.


Hands-on implementation: Our team-leaders are fully engaged in day to day execution, when so desired by our clients.